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We have behind us the greatest events, from which we aren’t ourselves aware of. This all is although reality, and we can’t close it off from our information, although reaching it is at times almost impossible. 

From nowhere we can’t find but pieces from all this bygone and forgotten, but while collecting these pieces we can gain nuances about all of this, which has existed over the course of time. 


We are like makers experiencing the world’s miracles, which groundbreaking measures modify our own world and other worlds. While doing things for ourselves, we gain matters accomplished also for others. 


“When the world was created, we gained accomplished good makers, to accomplish all the needed activity”, are the words from our Creator. From nowhere we can know such a point in time, except with the help from the Creator, or from that from which the Creator has created the worlds.  

4. Like from emptiness he has created this world, where he has used as his help other entities, which again have been created from his actions. You can do nothing to this, except rejoice or shed tears to this. 


What has taken place during our bygone world, before the ice which the earth carried on it. Such tales bring knowledge from another age, from which one can say all to have been remained in oblivion. The information about these ages are behind a great curtain. 


Gunnar made miracles, and he found a wonderland. What Gunnar achieved to accomplish, is the greatest miracle making, that we can imagine. 


Wonderland, from which tales tell, from which nobody anymore remembers. 

We all live here; we are doomed to live and die. Miraculous are our ways, but everything we can’t know. 

When we have lived here in bygone times, we gained to experience the most horrific and the most wonderful time. During time, when we can’t but exist and live, as long as time has been given to us. 

Our tale tells about the dead and living, we can’t know from these times except with the help from tales. Tales which color is black, and colorful always when there space for it is.  

Our tale is a story after age, when ice was and before ice came. This tale is rich and rageful, our humans’, animals’ time like also nature’s and stone’s. Stone’s which still exists, all knowing from all this is, but also our souls our inner from all this aware is.   

Tale about an age of the world, on which area (Longobardia?) took place, we have made much tales about it already, we know from this, but very little, so new tales are enriching to all of us. 

Then there were latter humans, prehumans, delicate humans, great humans and small humans. They all had their own areas and cities, fortresses, roads, fields, tools, animals and weapons. Some from these times we can hear being told, but all has vanished from this age, which very long ago has existed. 

When we know, how all this began, one talks about the leaving of ice, when we know, how this ended, one talks about the arrival of ice. Very long time ago, when earth great wealth carried, before ice, which terrible is. 

From what can we begin in this tale. Well let’s start from the other side of the curtain, where in the worlds all has begun. First this entity and that other entity together all kinds of created have. Also, humans as well as planets. They and many others but alike, with this planet of ours fell in love and us here brought, already before the time of our tale. 

Here it was necessary to create, create and create, also the smaller as the greatest, so that all ready was. To gain accomplished a world for us, where all can be experienced and so to enrich all that also elsewhere is. 

We have gained all this as a gift, so that we can achieve accomplished others for us and all this to further enrich. 


This tale magnificent, about times very long ago. When humans of underworld here lived, and princes of heavens here died. There was the greatest bliss and the greatest horror, here on earth. When slavery and violence grew, it all became doomed and vanished.  

Under the ice and during time became broken. We can’t find traces from this any longer, but it all from the other side gained has to be. Under this sky, and above this clean planet. 

From where could we know from this age, well from where else than from the spiritual world. From the other side, where everything as saved is. We can know from those bygone times, only if we justice with this advance can. Justice, which there a need to love is.  

In the beginning in our tale there is one, who all this started has, and another, who in this work with himself been has. They made all of this, but our tale doesn’t concern this the most bygone time. Our tale tells about a time much later, from the time before the ice and the time after the ice. These two here still with have been, above the Underworld and below the Heaven.   

When we look this all bygone, with there have been also others, who as adorable here as alive with have been. As numerable as the oases in the desert, so as rarer than our angels who more numerable from this are, who there exists like trees in a forest. Also, others here in this with are, the most terrible for others, demons, which there like stars in the sky are. Then there are also some, who one as humans calls. There are them like sand in a desert, and terrible in their amount of injustice, but on the other hand who pleasant like the flowers of a pasture are.  

We begin our tale by telling the names from these, from which we tell about in our tale. There was Serom, who much to give had. Mervol, from whom our tale the most revealing is. There was Keplem, from whom almost no one had knowledge of. Then there were many others, who our tale along with will bring. 


Melvor did his work to punish everything with mercilessness, Keplem acted as a helper in everything meaningful and Serom brought ideas, how new could be created. There were areas, where lived different kinds of humans. Great humans lived in smaller communities than others, and small humans protected themselves into their fortresses. Delicate humans developed intelligent plans, pre humans strived to match others by developing their armed forces and latter humans strived their best to get along with all other species.  

There was Atlantis, where all kinds of took place. Valmar on the other continent in the west, where one lived slightly differently than in the western part of the eastern continent in Tirnauel, also due to the spreading of the species into different areas in different ways. In southern Isnoldun one strived into all covering superiority, when again in northern Gondlin one developed glamorous life. In Gorwul one made conquering plans in relation to others and in Askal one strived to advance in dismantling of obstacles placed by all the others, to gain the areas of others under their rule. In addition, there were many greater and smaller societies.   


When the ice left and our story began, was there on earth still frost in the ground and cold still prevailed. At times humans wandered more north, only to notice the earth to be deserted tundra, where there were traces left by the ice. Great stones lied here and there and there was lots of water, but not almost at all vegetation or food available from animals either. From these travels one returned more often back, and settlements wasn’t achieved in a so barren area as the ground after the ice was.  

In more southern areas there was also insecurity caused by the changes in the climate. Humans wandered from one area to the next searching for better living conditions. On the other hand, some legends told about a time, where there was no ice, and so humans could expect the leaving of the ice, which functioned as a so bordering phenomenon for all inhabitants of the earth.  

According to some of these tales, the home of these peoples was there where ice had been, and this time after the leaving of the ice was seen as hopeful possibility to return back to areas on which the original home of the peoples situated. The tales told of great forests and richness, which the earth covered with ice had carried on it.