Update 27.5.2020

Update 21.5.2020

Update: 1.2.2020

Decided that the two tree types need to be redone. So made this new type of tree, that is a bit more detailed.

Also I tried to make a export from Blender to Unity engine, and noticed it’s quite possible, so I’ll try to make a small game type of area from the world as well. More about it later as well.

Update: 3.11.2019

Making a map

I’ve decided to use mainly Blender for making a map. I will add more to it, but I got it roughly done. The video shows what sort of the map looks like. I might use FlowScape for some specific locations, but building the complete map in it, is first of all too heavy for my pc to run it, and it’s hard or impossible to try to make real animation in it, which I’m going to do in Blender. Like movement of objects and well not sure what kind of animations I’ll be making yet.

Update: 30.10.2019

I have been thinking of using a program called FlowScape for making this map for the project. It would make it a lot quicker, since there are already the objects that would make a lot more extra work to do in Blender. Well the engine and Blender animation are a bit different, but I think I could use the FlowScape for some animation in the engine, maybe so some effects on Blender from video taken on FlowScape. Will see how it will work out, but glad to have found this new program for me, since it seems to fit the needs I had with making this map. Most of all the first view on the visuals and easy of use, were stunning.

I will make own landmass for FlowScape on Blender, the video I post here, shows only a rough idea of the terrain I’ll use, once I have it ready, I will start putting trees and own structures in addition to the already in the render engine in FlowScape.

So it’s a work in progress and will take some time to figure how it would be the best. I might scrap the idea of making a live version of the models, since it would be a big effort, and not sure if there is a purpose, but will see about it.

Anyhow here is a video about trying out using own terrain for FlowScape:

Update: 7.10.2019

Added another showcase.

Update 6.10.2019

Update 5.10.2019

Made 3d prints on: well, temple and tower. Tower got some editing before printing. Also made an animation showcase on the map with the new model and green wall.

Update: 2.10.2019

This is still in its starting phase.

I’m making imaginative world set on before last ice age time period. I will make a map, on which moves as animation game pieces and different kinds of centers, included with story, which so is presented int this way as strategy game type moves.

I will 3D model scenes, and do also 3D prints from the game pieces and from the map a real world printed version, with which one gains a different kind of experience than only made with computer graphics. I will represent the productions with Youtube videos and images. Also I intend to produce music for this purpose.

This is due to that I can try my learned skills in the area of these before mentioned areas and to collect the story of this interesting time period. Which of course is based on imaginative setting.

So I’ll add more to this as this moves forward. This has just been started and will do this along with time.

Here a few example photos of what this looks like in the early phase.