Update 24.5.2020

Update 24.5.2020

Update 23.5.2020

Update 21.5.2020

Update 18.5.2020

Update 25.3.2020

Practicing some special effects.

Trying some special effects.

Update 14.2.2020

Trying out making some video effects.

Update: 30.11.2019

Made a small animation from an object named Wheel of time.

Update: 18.10.2019

I modeled and 3d printed a figure. It’s 150mm high, maximum for the build height for the 3d printer I use. It was my first fully modeled and printed figure, and it worked out quite well. Had to test with 2 prototypes and one failed print, which was due to the arms and legs were too thin and the printed movement broke the model while printing, so I had to make the arms and legs thicker, which fixed the issue and it became also stronger when one uses the figure, so it doesn’t break so easily as the first full size version.

Here is a speeded up video of the final print: